Supply natural fall sweet agent
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(((need little only, can reduce sweet degree) ) ) as people living standard rise, consumptive habit tends clear desalt, again intolerable also too too sweet the food of be bored with, resemble mid-autumn moon cake, candied chocolate, cake of Chinese and Western, beverage is waited a moment, because company of this each big food production is being searched actively,drop provision sweet sweetness method, however the content of candy has very main effect to food of high in syrup. The food that contain sugar uses Yeetame® happy sweet ® a few auspicious place: (1) , one minute restrains Gao Tian, do not change former taste, enjoy much better (2) , last changeless, protect qualitative longer (3) , flavour is more delicious, food is sold more flourishing (4) , do not change primary product to deserve to compare, can reduce manufacturing cost character: White or hoar are pulverous, have certain suction wet sex stores condition: Store below ventilated and dry room temperature, cold storage condition is better maintain period: 36 months use an amount: Extremely 2 ~ 5 (typical cost 3) , namely every 10 tons of material add 2 ~ 5 kilograms (the model is worth 3 kilograms) use method: For example will mensurable happy sweet pulverous and dispersive or deliquescent Yu Shuizhong, the quantity that add water masters in happy sweet the 40 ~ of quality 50 times, later period is produced in stuffing makings (remove before boiler 25 ~ 35 minutes for example) join, continue next till the shovel accords with a requirement to stuffing makings, be sure to ensure happy sweet it is dispersedly equably in stuffing makings, avoid to add heat treatment for long as far as possible. Note: 1, the destination that adds water depends on expanding happy sweet bulk, can distributing in order to ensure equably in stuffing makings, specific the quantity that add water but according to the product actual condition is optional increase and decrease, right happy sweet action itself does not have any influences. 2, should avoid to add heat treatment for long as far as possible, top limit is 120 ℃ ~ 40 minutes, add heat treatment for long, may bring about happy sweet decompose invalidation. 3, each company but the specific requirement according to respective product, use an amount through increase and decrease and adjust at will the product is sweet degree, should add a quantity to achieve extremely 4.5 ~ 8 when, can restrain completely sweet degree, can wait for saline taste of stuffing makings make it, piquancy. Pass the research of with great concentration that is as long as 10 years by scientist of Sino-US two countries, can eat a plant from natural Gao Han in, use high-tech method, successfully depart gives a kind to call Yeetame® happy sweet the natural food raw material of ® , have magical inhibition sweet action, can control the product such as sweetmeats of confiture of moon cake, chocolate, candied, preserved fruit, syrup, ice-cream, cake, beverage effectively exorbitant sweet degree!

Issue date: 2008-7-10 period of efficacy: 9999-12-31
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