Supply mouldproof, last series
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GY5216 antioxidant stabilizes of all kinds fruit juice, fruit, beverage changeless color is not Brown. Dosage: 0.05%-0.3%
GY8963 efficient mould inhibitor is efficient nutrition mouldproof last, 10 times stronger than common mould inhibitor. Dosage: 0.01%-0.03%
GY8968 convenient cover is efficient last the agent tastes function to stabilize originally, hear resistance is strong, will taste antioxidant effect of the BHA that reduce an amount or the tradition still comparatives after dilute is multiple, BHT, PG originally, use this tasting to be able to make last in convenient cover period lengthen 5-10 than using butyl fennel aether, BHA, BHT, PG to wait times above effect. GY8960 grease antioxidant (frying oil is efficient stabilizing agent) character of efficient and improved frying oil, prevent grease metamorphism. Dosage: 0.3%-0.5%

Issue date: 2008-9-10 period of efficacy: 9999-12-31
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