Supply additive agent for food
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Our company are the enterprise of ester of gold of Nibo of ester of cane sugar of emulsifying agent of professional production food and synergism, use facilities of domestic advanced production and engineering technology, the expert that invites much name to be engaged in food industrial application studies and developing additive agent for food is taught, senior engineer is technical backbone. Act on beg with “ quality live, beg the tenet that develops ” with credit, with abundant technical force, the facility with masterly complete craft, detect perfectly method, make the product precedes in home, product performance is steady, quality is reliable, breed is all ready, the price is reasonable. Model of product of ester of company cane sugar has 9 kinds of norms such as SE-3——SE-16, among them quality of product of tall purity type approachs an entrance congener product. Ester of synergism Nibo gold is the new-style ester that in Ni Bojin the development on the foundation of second ester and ester of Ni Bojin third comes out kind rank antiseptic. Technical content is high, it is current the different need that the substitute of commonly used benzoic acid natrium and hill pear acerbity Potassium can satisfy domestic user. Sucrose ester is ivory to cinnamon powder, without smelly insipidity, suck tide extremely easily to agglomerate. It is a kind of high grade and efficient emulsifying agent and exterior activator, have emulsification, dispersive, stable, disappear bubble, fight amylaceous ageing, adjust viscosity and control the function such as crystallization. Our company are located in beautiful Fu Chunjiang bank, plant area environment is beautiful, wholesome establishment is all ready, traffic is convenient, welcome each friend to use our company product, my company will serve for you wholeheartedly