Science and technology of environmental protection of Shanghai case humble devel
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Science and technology of environmental protection of Shanghai case humble develops company development to give additive of fuel of a kind of rare earth, add additive of this kind of fuel the city that risks black smoke with the scale of 3 ‰ in the gasoline tank of car of public transportation derv, after moving through 30 minutes, when derv car restart bang suddenly even when accelerator, won't have any black smoke.

Our country is big country of rare land natural resources, of natural resources of world rare land 45% be in our country. Develop a new style or a new method of one's own of company of environmental protection of Shanghai case humble, through indefatigable effort of 3 years, those who seek different constituent rare ground is optimal deserve to compare, successful development goes the additive of rare earth fuel that eliminates engine of black smoke, energy-saving environmental protection, protection. Additive of this kind of fuel is in after entering engine, with its the combustion heat with extremely high oneself is compared, make the charcoal element in fuel is opened quickly, get burning adequately, reduce the charcoal particle in tail gas and harmful material greatly thereby, eliminate black smoke. Meanwhile, this kind of additive returns the carbon deposit of can effective cleared oil path, atomizer, a diaphragm is formed in cylinder body, enhance the power of engine, achieve energy-saving result.

Determine according to authoritative branch, a travel is less than derv car of a year, after adding fuel to add an agent, smoke evacuation chroma from 1.3 drop to be 0.86) to standard of 0.7(Europe Ⅲ , drop 46% , etc fast 100 kilometers oily bad news drops from 11.8 liter for 10.6 liter, the section is oily 10.2% . And spend to the cleanness of engine have clear improvement.

Concerned expert expresses, derv car risks black smoke phenomenon, it is a heat that urban air environment administers and difficulty problem, it is the problem that matters to urban image and common people health, each district government clutchs in next great strength solve this one problem. Shanghai has car of 800 thousand derv, among them 80% move in cold Che Qi risk black smoke phenomenon from time to tome, the city that has 30% about is public transportation derv car risks black smoke phenomenon when travel serious. Still have car of numerous cubic meter of earth, container car, polluted the atmosphere environment of Shanghai badly. If can use additive of rare earth fuel extensively in derv car, not only can eliminate " black tail " , still can the section is oily 15% the left and right sides, make tail gas pollution reduces an in part, can improve environment of urban organisms' habits greatly.