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Microelement is the animal maintains one of nutriment with life and manufacturing necessary product, in animal feed although content is little, but direct or they are indirect the ground participates in airframe almost all physiology and biochemical process, grow with the animal and closely related health, microelement additive experienced inorganic salt kind additive, simple organic thing and chela of amino acerbity microelement close matter 3 development phase. Chela of amino acerbity microelement adds up to content to regard the 3rd generation as microelement additive, have good biochemistry to be digested stability, easily to absorb, biologic effect price is advanced characteristic, caused people great attention is popularized to apply gradually. The character that the article closes matter with respect to chela of amino acerbity microelement and the applied research in pig birds production make one overview.

Chela of amino acerbity microelement adds up to 1 the character of content and effect

1 . Price of 1 biologic effect is high, microelement draws utilization rate tall

Biologic effect price is the scale that in pointing to the nutrition after absorbing, can passive content uses. After microelement is added up to by amino acid chela, can generate the chela that has certain and stable constant to close matter. Complexing chemistry considers to make clear, its stabilize invariable interpose at 4 ~ 15, and had proved to stabilize invariable interpose hereat chela closes matter, benefit at among them the absorption of microelement and use. t of e of n of K u z - s o r (1987) report, egg ammonia acerbity iron to 7 ~ the lactation young pig of 28 day age is mixed 4 ~ in May age effect price is the opposite biology of fattening pig respectively 120 % and 115 % (set vitriolic ferrous to be 100 % ) ; Dong Xiaohui (2001) it is experiment animal with bandicoot, effect price is the opposite biology that research makes clear to egg ammonia acerbity zinc, lysine zinc is standard content with vitriolic zinc respectively 206 % , 205 % . The biology effect value that the experiment confirmed to microelement chela closes to content is absorbed in enteron and fight establish acid to disturb an aspect is apparently superior, absorbing, have a change of luck and use a field excel inorganic salt, have clear nutrient advantage.

1 . 2 chemistry is stable, destroy effect to feed active ingredient small, after because its metal ion and amino acerbity element are united in wedlock through matching a key,chela of amino acerbity microelement closes matter, make the charge inside its element tends neuter, formed stabler chemical structure. In the meantime, reduced metallic ion oxidation is reductive turn over those who answer a vitamin to destroy, reduced the loss of nutrient material thereby, enhanced its to draw the rate that use. SHURSON

Etc (1996) determined the vitamin in compound premix is in keep in storage stability of 120 days, think microelement - amino acid chela adds up to content to be able to reduce loss late of the vitamin in premix apparently. Add up to content to have because of chela of amino acerbity microelement again similar the structure of 2 peptide, pare amino acid absorbs the competition with have a change of luck. Accordingly, amino acid chela adds up to content to be able to satisfy the animal need to microelement, but with 30 % ~ amino acid the scale of 50 % replaces corresponding inorganic salt, raised feed utilization rate.
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