The egg adds the effect that bicarbonate natrium metabolizes to its material in
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Summary: Choose hen of 20 grown new Yangzhou, cent is quadruplet, the bicarbonate natrium that with the platoon empty law determined to add different level in egg chicken diet metabolizes to gallinaceous form substance the influence of rate. The metabolizable energy of fundamental diet is 11.63MJ/kg, thick albumen is 19% . The scale that adds bicarbonate accept contrasts for 0%(respectively) , 0.11% , 0.21% with 0.32% . The result makes clear: Bicarbonate natrium is added to be able to differ in egg chicken diet level land influence is opposite to egg chicken utilization rate of the dry matter in diet, total can apparent metabolization is led and the calcium in diet, phosphor is in inside gallinaceous body put stay rate. Utilization rate of each groups of dry matter parts 66.54% , 67.69% , 68.39% , 70.56% , test group all prep above contrasts group, but across block difference is not notable (P > 0.05) ; Always can apparent metabolization rate is respectively 74.72% , 75.93% , 76.34% , 80.82% , add bicarbonate natrium each groups all rise somewhat, and with the accretion of 0.32% group for best (P < 0.01) ; Put calcicly stay rate it is respectively 22.20% , 44.53% , 30.45% , 25.89% , with adding 0.11% bicarbonate offer group is best (P < 0.01) ; Of phosphor put stay rate it is respectively 27.41% , 61.13% , 52.43% , 34.77% , still with adding 0.11% bicarbonate sodium group is best (P < 0.01) .

Keyword: Material of chicken of bicarbonate natrium egg metabolizes

Bicarbonate natrium, namely sodium bicarbonate, it is a kind of weak base, long-term since in be being used extensively domestic and internationally at medicine of person, vet and food industry. Be in abroad in recent years by a few countries more ground uses as the feed additive of cultivate birds, if the United States uses as every year,the bicarbonate natrium of feed additive already amounted to many tons 60 thousand. About the research that adds bicarbonate natrium in egg chicken diet, the result that abroad experiments makes clear, after bicarbonate natrium is added in egg chicken diet, of experiment chicken collect appetite to increase, laying rate rises, chorion quality gets growth of improvement, weight accelerate. Domestic Liu deep booth (1987) and Liu Zhiguo (the 1989) report that also made this likeness, still point out bicarbonate natrium returns the effect that has sunstroke prevention to drop in temperature to egg chicken at the same time. But the research of the mechanism field that produces property to bicarbonate natrium is being added to raise its in egg chicken diet, add the effect that the respect metabolizes to egg chicken material after bicarbonate natrium especially, still have no systematic report at present. In be being produced to give, sodium offers reasonable use bicarbonate scientific and academic basis, we in May 1998, made is in bicarbonate natrium is added in egg chicken diet with hen of grown new Yangzhou dry matter, total to its can, the metabolization that the corporeal metabolization rate such as calcium and phosphor affects experiments. The process that experiments this now and result report are as follows.
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