Source nucleotide acid is in outside the application in fish diet
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Summary: 鳛 of model Zhang Lin as kind of bag the research 還 較 in breed of 養 of A of  of call on of Pen of  of  of 觿 of salty press and smooth of 暳 of sigh of the Luan in extensive is little. The article outside source nucleotide acid is absorbed in the assimilation in 魚 body, 營 養 action and research 進 exhibit 進 travel 綜 to narrate, and its are in 對 the 應 in breed of 魚 類 養 is made with foreground look into.

關 鍵 詞 : Immunity of ﹔ of 養 of 營 of immunity of R of model Zhang Qian adds breed of 養 of 產 of water of 強 劑 ﹔

Nucleotide acid is organism 內 compound of one 類 small element, it has energy of 節 of information of 傳 of 編 碼 遺, 調acting 謝 and letter of afterbirth of 傳 遞 細 the 號 , 輔 that make 為 is enzymatic wait for important physiology biochemical function (e of v of o of r of g of C o s , 1998) . Because physical ability of 動 content machine synthesizes all sorts of nucleotide acid, and the devoid disease that did not have particularity again, consequently 長 period with 來 person 們 all the time the 營 養 element with essential blame of 為 of 將 its 視 . In recent years 來 , 許 studies 結 fruit makes clear more, nucleotide of complex of 頭 of body 內 從 is acerbity cannot 滿 is sufficient the need of the 組 織 with all sorts of acting exuberant 謝 and 細 afterbirth. Have research 認 為 , the function that acid of the nucleotide in day 糧 lacks 會 to weaken path of liver 臟, heart 臟, 腸 and immunity to fasten 統 (e of l of b of m of G r i and d of o of o of w of t of W e s , 2000) .

The research that the makings of nucleotide acerbity 飼 of 對 魚 類 adds 劑 only then at 19 world 紀 70 time, the research that that 時 basically centers in active action of 學 of 對 nucleotide acidification (e of i of k of M a c and n of o of A d r , a of r of a of h of o of y of i of 1978 ﹔ K, e of i of k of c of a of 1975 ﹔ M, 1973) . Wait till s of l of l of e of r of B u r (2001) after the research that 發 expressed 關 to add 劑 to be used in the 應 in 養 of 魚 類 營 at nucleotide acid, just be caused 廣 floats 關 is noted. The article is absorbed in the assimilation in 魚 body with respect to nucleotide acid, 營 養 action and research 進 exhibit 進 travel 綜 to narrate.

The assimilation of 1 nucleotide acid and content of its generation 謝 is absorbed

Acid of the nucleotide in food basically exists with the form of nucleoprotein, its content basically takes 決 to be spent at 細 afterbirth 濃 (G i l , 2002) . 產 of 動 content organ, sea tastes acid content of the purine in reaching leguminous seed 實 , pyrimidine, nucleotide to abound, and the content in cereal seed 實 is common 較 is low (d of r of o of f of f of C l i and S t o - r y , 1976) . e of s of s of e of r of D e v (2000) 報 path, content of purine, pyrimidine 總 in water 產 動 pink of 魚 of composition of 糧 of day of content radical 礎, 魚 dissolve pink, 發 ferment pink, yeast extracts the content in content to divide 別 is 1 ﹒ 9 % of 8 % of 4 % , 2 ﹒, 0 ﹒, 2. The research of content of 對 lactation 動 makes clear, food nucleoprotein can be mixed into albumen 質 by albumen enzymatic degradation nucleic acid, nucleic acid by nucleic acid nucleus of enzymatic hydrolyze 為 is enzymatic with phosphoric acid, nucleotide becomes 鹼 radical and candy of the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem by nucleotide hydrolyze again. The assimilation of the nucleotide acid of 類 of 魚 of person 們 對 and the research 較 that absorb 過 Cheng are little, and the albumen of 內 of path of 對 魚 腸 is enzymatic study with 鹼 sex phosphoric acid 較 is much enzymaticly, but acid of nucleotide of 對 魚 類 is digested the most important enzymatic - the research with enzymatic nucleic acid is very few, only 內 of body of little 數 魚 is like its consist in of 報 path 稱 rainbow 鱒 魚 (d of l of R o a , 1978) .
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