New-style green additive produces the application that go up in cultivate birds
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為 預 prevents birds of cultivate of 進 of cultivate birds disease, hurried Yo of unripe 長 發, raise 飼 to expect utilization rate is mixed reduce unripe 產 cost, the 來 of 帶 of 業 of breed of use 給 養 that adds 劑 the 經 濟 benefit of bright 顯 . But tall 劑 measures microelement to cause 費 of billow of source of 環 condition pollution, 資, the 應 of 負 side effect of antibiotic also bright 顯 ground exposes a 來 , if 藥 content 殘 stays, be able to bear or endure 藥 sex and 題 of alternate infection 問 , all 這 some the 質 quantity that 產 of birds of shadow 響 cultivate tastes, and but 間 puts through 過 food 鏈 endangers person 類 health. Accordingly, 綠 color is new-style consider and be being used what add 劑 will be henceforth the way that 發 extends. The 應 in chela of 紹 amino acid basically uprighting to add up to element of terpene of candy of 鹽 , few, candy and beneficial to give birth to element to give birth to 產 in cultivate birds in 這 uses ability 術.

One, amino acid chela adds up to 鹽

Amino acid chela adds up to microelement 鹽 is one 類 new-style and efficient add 劑 , it uses amino acid than 單 獨 or the price of effect of 學 of photograph 對 biology of 類 of golden 屬 鹽 is gotten high much, can raise price of effect of 學 of biology of 對 of amino acid photograph 2 ~ 3 times, raise utilization rate of 無 machine 鹽 5 ~ 10 times.

Chela of 1 ﹒ amino acid adds up to kind of 類 of 鹽 . Makings of 飼 of Chemical Industry Department adds 發 of 開 of 劑 ability 術 to take the 業 of look forward to such as 務 center, 開 發 gives birth to 產 a variety of this 類 add 劑 , basically amino acid 絡 adds up to 絡 of 鐵, amino acid to add up to 絡 of 鋅 , amino acid to add up to 絡 of 錳, amino acid to add up to 絡 of 銅 , amino acid to add up to 鈷 to wait.

Chela of 2 ﹒ amino acid combines the function of 鹽 . Amino acid chela adds up to 鹽 and photograph of 無 machine 鹽 to actor or actress than be being had as follows 點 ﹕ can close to more 進 of microelement absorb, can replace tall 銅 , tall 鋅 , benefit protects 護 at 環 condition, 減 is fought less with the Jie of other microelement, avoid the shadow 響 of acid of the establish in 飼 makings and 鈣 . Can improve the unripe 產 performance of 動 content, 滿 is sufficient special physiology 階 paragraph need. Wait for 階 like egg of grandma of 產 of birds of pup, dam, 產 paragraph 對 the demand of microelement is big, use amino acid chela to add up to 鹽 to be able to raise biology utilization rate, 達 fills his to need the purpose of the quantity to rapid 補. Avoid golden 屬 microelement oxidation to destroy 維 to give birth to element, on one hand of crude element of 維 of 對 of element of a bit quantity of 減 little 這 destroy, raise the digestive utilization rate of microelement on the other hand, those who reduce microelement add what quantity and 維 give birth to element to add a capacity. Birds of hurried 進 cultivate gives birth to 長, improve the immune function of cultivate birds, 調accuses Cheng of acting 謝 過 , improve body to taste 質 . Improve dam breed performance, 預 prevents blood of newborn animal 貧 , blood of phlogistic, dermatitis, dysenteric, 貧 has 對 certain 腸 the action that treat 療 .  can protect 護 劑 with the rumen that make 過 . The egg ammonia acid in egg ammonia acerbity 鋅 is not turned over basically rumen of 芻 動 content is microbial decompose, have 過 rumen function, prevented rumen already microbial 對 is indispensible the degradation action of amino acid, with raising more 過 rumen amino acid and microelement are absorbed for enteron with use, avoided element of certain gold 屬 again (like 鋅 , 銅 ) microbial 產 gives birth to 對 rumen noxiousness action.
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