The research that nutrition of copper of milk cow microelement needs makes progr
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Copper is milk cow grows normally development and the element that production needs. Because each district is natural the condition is complex, agrotype each different, plant sort is different, the small element copper that contains in raise fodder is put in very big difference, various places all is put in the problem of different level lack and excessive. And the factor that affects cupreous absorptivity is various, accordingly, the article is made with respect to the need quantity of microelement copper and its influencing factor elaborate.
The nutrition of L copper gives birth to manage function

Copper is to exceed oxide branch to change enzymatic (CuZn - SOD) , copper is revulsive metallic sulfur albumen (Cu - MT) the important part with serous coverlet albumen, these are enzymatic the noxiousness influence that can protect a cell to avoid metabolization sufferring oxygen, safeguard the integrality of cellular structure and function; The absorption that copper can affect iron and carry, make inorganic iron become organic iron, stimulative iron keep in storage at marrow, quicken haemoglobin and Bu Lin synthesis, promote babyish red blood cell to mature and release, having positive effect to airframe hematopoiesis function; Copper participates in skeletal formation; Copper is the compositive composition with cheese ammonia enzymatic acid, the formation that can promote melanin and pigment are deposit; Copper can will Qiu radical oxidation bolts into 2 sulfur, promote the cross-link of pair of sulfur radical, promote thereby be grown by Mao Sheng; Copper is the auxiliary factor with enzymatic oxidation of cellular pigment C, participate in airframe energy to metabolize; Copper and serous coverlet albumen have important sense to the defence function of airframe; Copper can promote hypophysis to release unripe long hormone (GH) , hurried is thyroid element (TSH) , element of hurried corpus luteum (LH) with the adrenocorticotro (ACTH) , affect the synthesis of adrenal coriaceous steroid and tea phenolic limb, affect force of milk cow breed thereby; Copper is maintaining neural system respect to have main effect; Copper can rise digest enzymatic active, or the hurried in adjusting alvine path small zoology to increase blood is mitotic factor, exciting hypophysis cell is secreted grow hormone, promote then grow; Copper is led to raising feed to change and effect of secrete breast quantity is distinct.

The need of 2 copper is measured

Of copper inside source sex loss is weight of Kg of 71 microgramme / about (ARC, 1980) . Cupreous volume is contained to be about in colostrum 0. 6mg / Kg (Lyford and Huber, 1988) , cupreous volume is contained to be about in often breeding 0. 15mg / Kg, than 1980 the breast of secrete of 0.10mg / Kg of edition ARC is measured tall 50 % . The need amount that absorbs copper is in gravid before 100d is 0. 5mg / D, gravid 100 - 225d is 1. 5mg / D, 2mg / D is after gravid 225d (ARC, 1980; House and Bell, 1993) . Weightening finish of weight 300kg, average day 0. The young cow copper of 7kg needs a quantity to be ration of 12mg / Kg, weightening finish of weight 500kg, average day 0. The young cow copper of 5kg, gravid 250d needs a quantity to be 15.2 / Kg, the amount of cow copper need that weight 650kg, day produces the 40kg that suckle a quantity is 15. 7mg / Kg, the quantity of cow copper need of weight 650kg gravid 250d is 13. 7mg / Kg (NRC, 2001) .
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