Egg ammonia acerbity monthly magazine: Demand atrophy issues defeat considerably
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One, sour market of ammonia of portion home egg always reflected condition in August 2008
In August 2008 portion, as a result of the atrophy of demand, and the pressure of seller's market is increased, acerbity prices of domestic egg ammonia drops considerably. Originally among them egg price from this month 68 yuan first / or so kilograms 58 yuan of recently of fall after a rise / or so kilograms, monthly drops more than 15% . Case of acid value of ammonia of analytic home egg drops because the weak force place of market demand is brought about,the reason still basically is. Olympic Games eve, because fear goods allocates suffocate suffocate, many feed businesses had many goods, enter accordingly August, there is a large number of clinching a deal rarely on the market prices. Additional, acid of domestic egg ammonia also makes for the grow in quantity of goods this month case of egg ammonia acid value moves toward decline, business of 3 big production all has the shipment of different level this month, alleviated greatly egg ammonia acid will rise in July brings nervous atmosphere. Partial area agency suffers the capital, element such as psychology to affect, cover stock usu. in anticipation of or in order to bring about a fall in price what also caused case of egg ammonia acid value now to glide. Up to this month end, sour market of ammonia of egg of domestic solid body clinchs a deal the price already fall after a rise comes 58-60 yuan / kilogram, price of batch of individual and large trafficker is lower even.
Fluid egg respect, overall prices also has fall after a rise, nuo Wei department produces fluid egg by the 55-56 at the beginning of the month yuan / kilogram to current 51-52 yuan / kilogram, amount of money of egg of the fluid on the market is not much, area of southwest, Hua Na is relatively stable, area of Hua Dong, China north is apparent already fall after a rise.

2, was aimed at sour market of domestic egg ammonia in August 2008 the analytic circumstance of each link
1, increase of home relatively for goods
This month, manufacturer increases relatively for goods, market supply of goods is enougher. According to custom statistic, the egg ammonia acid of the portion imported gross to be 7926 tons in July 2008, relatively will increase 1778 tons June, annulus comparing grows 28.92% . The market makes for the grow in quantity of goods agency must the supply of goods that undersell early days buys. Occupy the personage inside course of study additionally to mirror, at the beginning of September, the market will have a batch of Digaosha egg ammonia acid reachs the designated position, its price may be in 55 yuan / or so kilograms, because of this, agency quickened shipment pace, put money to the market ceaselessly, make the market opposite thereby demand decreases, case of egg ammonia acid value drops ceaselessly.
2, red-letter day of egg birds price is pulled move rise
After egg price low runs period of time, enter August, as a result of the growth of demand, egg price begins firm in have go up. Early days, because fryer price is low,confuse and each district disease is more, bring about fryer amount of livestock on hand all the time not tall. And as Olympic Games hind, especially after September the effect of day of each political integrity such as the Mid-autumn Festival, National Day is pulled move and school of old middle school terms begins in succession, will drive egg birds to consume growth. Current, price of egg of countrywide major area has been in 4 yuan / 500 grams above. Be in partial area, breed door had begun to have filling column actively.
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