Smoke acyl amine
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Product name: Supply smoke acyl amine Product model: KARIYA producing area: German product value: 150 yuan / kilogram the ability that offer money: 10T product describes: Smoke acyl amine (feed class) 150 yuan / kilogram (vitamin B3 or vitamin PP) the product explains: Amine of acyl of feed class smoke is white crystallization powder, active part not under 99.5% ; Ni Banggong department uses compound of petro-chemical raw material smoke acyl amine, can assure the tall purity of the product and high active component. Product data: Active component is least 99.5% utility: 1, amine is vitamin B3 (Nick is acerbity, vitamin PP) a kind of configuration, already was approved formally by law of feed of European Community Association use in the animal. 2, a when energy metabolizes main unit, can produce effect independently, outside the basic need of smoke acyl amine besides can contented animal, increase a little add a quantity to still can produce further positive action. 3, amine of feed smoke acyl is safe, avirulent, do not have to the skin send quick sex. Pack: Bucket of 25 kilograms of fiber is sealed pack, suit line-haul, not easy attaint.