Lysine comments on 35 weeks: The value is little rebound
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One, home market
2008 the 35th week (8.25-8.31) , manufacturer home holds to high quoted price, and of partial area become friendship condition to also improve somewhat, it is good that the market value that is domestic lysine provided certain benefit prop up. This week, domestic major trafficker is right homebred the sale of 98.5% lysine is moved to 13.2-13.5 on quote yuan / kilogram, of major area clinch a deal the price rebounds reach 13 yuan / kilogram, terminal market with 13.2-13.3 yuan / kilogram be in the majority. Of on the market 65% lysine clinch a deal the price is in 8.3 yuan mostly / or so kilograms, relatively the raise on last week 0.2 yuan; Import brand lysine clinch a deal price change is not big, be in commonly 13.6-14.0 yuan / kilogram.
2, market analysis
1. pays close attention to later period lysine to export a circumstance. According to custom statistic, 2008 first half of the year, our country accumulative total exports lysine 53764 tons, relatively reduced more than tons 35000 first half of the year 2007, decreased compared to the same period 39.83% . And in July 2008 portion, our country exports lysine in all more than tons 8800, the export volume June is more than tons 12200, annulus makes an appointment with 3400 tons than decreasing. Because lysine quantum of output of home is more, exit is the main kind that reduces domestic stock pressure, so its price quotations also relies on the volume that speaks an amount greatly, so the market of later period still needs to pay close attention to the exit circumstance of lysine closely.
2. lysine produces manufacturer trends information. Begin to stop from lysine market of home drop firm still since, the quote of manufacturer of each lysine production lasts strong, still do not have new quoted price to come on stage at present into manufacturer greatly, 98.5% lysine quote 13.2 yuan / kilogram, 65% lysine quote 8.2 yuan / kilogram; Yi tastes manufacturer to give 13 yuan in the newspaper / kilogram after the price, halt quote again at present, rare outstanding manufacturer also continues to halt quote at present; Original quoted price also maintains abundant strong, price of its lowest shipment is in it is reported 12.6-12.8 yuan / kilogram, what each manufacturer quotes is strong it is good to generated profit to the market prop up. The element that additional, Ben Zhouchuan changes taste because profit issue intermit the production of lysine, its idling period may be a month, but supply as a result of lysine market of home enougher, the report inside course of study, the effect that its stop production causes to the market is very little.
3. pig price is low fan, filling column picks up finite. Although mid-autumn, National Day double part will come, but live pig price of home has not appeared however the impetus that pick up, and partial area still has epidemic disease to happen, below the case that the risk increases and profit drops, breed a filling column circumstance defective and active, empty column phenomenon of home is more serious. Additional, because young pig price is reduced ceaselessly, had had 900 yuan at present / the perch of the head drops to 450-480 yuan / first, breed a report, below the rising influence of feed price, this prices with young current pig makes breed a sow to had done not have profit, for the nip in the bud, the part of Guangdong and other places breeds door begin butcher to wash out a sow again, the quantity of live pig amount of livestock on hand of later period is defective still and so hopeful, and the demand that waits for raw material to lysine also will be compared finite, form to its price hard prop up.
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