Chinas ultra-portable ultra-compact design of outdoor water purifier
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Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill remember it? Perhaps due to this head for thousands of years are entangled in the Lijiang River in the drink's "Elephant" inspired by Chinese designer superb (sound, Chao Gao) designed the ultra-portable, ultra-compact C- Water outdoor water purifier: Looks like a cartoon elephant, C-Water Purifier m through a simple shape formed around two compartments, which left room for the opening of the evaporation, the right to close the collection room. When used , Will be the place has no water but the water or become damp places, under the action of the sun, the surface will be the natural evaporation of water, and then along the high right low left C-Water Purifier into the collection chamber, which have clean Water. More praise is, C-Water Purifier also features a collapsible structure, usually the squash can be contracted as "elephant" photos, you need to stretch when pulled by hand as a "elephant" can be used. C-Water Purifier won the 2010 IIDA Design Competition Award.