The Jing Song of coke additive
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The product below Coke Cola banner suffers censure, besides because " zero " the sweet taste agent that coke adds may cause cancer outside, coke and wine mix drinkable meeting to increase wounded odds

Coke Cola calculates absolutely going up is this year luck most back beverage. Won the Olympic Games to support advantageous position, become each to compare beverage of competition ground ground greatly not 2 choices, casting off the beverage below its banner always is the talk that meeting be pointinged to has caustic health.

A newest about Coke Cola censuring is the drink of a carbonic acid that leaves about the banner " zero " . Consumer thinks " zero " the concept has misdirect effect, be in especially burning hot summer. The mainest, because this does not have candy,A Si Ba Tian still was added in coke. This kind 18 times sweeter than sucrose acting candy accretion, early be thought possible meeting is caused headache, brain tumor and lymphatic tumour. now " zero " A Si Batian was added to be turned over in Coke Cola, because Coke Cola becomes Beijing Olympic Games to appoint beverage,also be, the name of Olympic Games of have the aid of, mention again the harm of A Si Batian, also be carry for consumer of a lot of unwitting wake.

The A Si Batian of coke may cause cancer

A Si Batian is substitute of a kind of sweet taste. 1965, when scientist of an United States is considering to fight gastric ulcer medicaments, now and then discover this is planted sweet degree extremely tall but the part with extremely small quantity of heat. After this, this kind of composition is the sweet taste agent in diabetic person provision all the time. Coke of low quantity of heat, without candy cool tea is mixed moth-proofing chewing gum, contain A Si Batian possibly. In fact, a Si Batian is in first clinical trial, excessive is taken can cause bellyacke, arthritis, asthmatic, urticaria, hypertensive, hair to fall off, the heartbeat passes fast the problem that dies even. Siba of A of male excessive edible is sweet, can cause impotent, and the female can cause menstruation to be not moved. Be based on the horrible side-effect of A Si Batian just about, the United States suggests everyday use quantity does not exceed every kilograms of weight 50 milligram. European standard wants stricter, for every kilograms of weight 20 milligram.

350 milliliter pull one canister easily the low candy beverage of coal tub, contain A Si Batian about commonly 180 milligram. Because China did not establish the relevant use standard of A Si Batian, average consumer calculates drank the feeling after containing Asiba's sweet beverage really uncomfortable, also find any basises to go without method shape accuses beverage to produce business. Also be what superintend policy because of China is comfortable, when facing what A Si Batian causes cancer to censure, absolutely deny of Coke Cola company such doubt, say " A Si Batian already used more than 20 years in the whole world, the edible that the scientific research that has 200 multinomial authority proves Asiba is sweet and carninomatosis do not have correlation " .
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