Food package machine creates trade current situation and existence problem
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The food of rapid development processes trade, need a large number of high quality package machine and food treatment machine, also made an industry bring business chance to food package machine at the same time. Predict according to concerning a respect, to 2005, machinery of our country food and production value of the industry that pack will achieve 30 billion yuan, year all increase rate can amount to 10 % .

The current situation reachs existence issue

Production industry of package machine of our country food forms time only 20 years, accordingly the industry is spent centrally not tall, 4000 companies total production value made an appointment with 46 billion yuan 2003, 0 what before 20 enterprises occupy total business to count. 5 % , total production value 9.2 billion yuan, occupy the 20 % of countrywide total production value. Main show is in the problem that the industry exists: Funds of research and development force of little, technology is weak; Low-level repeat too much; Power of industry science and technology is insufficient; International trade personnel shorts; Capability of meet an emergency is not strong.

Package machine of our country food makes the product level with current trade submit pagoda form. Bottom is many low-level the product that duplicates production. The industry measure of medium product level is increasing, exporting a product basically is these company production, if go to the lavatory,packer of machinery of face machinery, paper box carton, bundle up fetterses, machinery of instrument, jelly, sheet makes sealing machine of outfit of vacuum-packed machinery, paper and machinery of plastic color print, plastic package machine, cup a cup of machinery, beverage reachs the plastic machinery that blow bottle to wait. Such enterprise year sale mostly 20 million ~ 50 million yuan, have particular economic actual strength and capacity of new product development, they are willing to participate in the competition of the international market mostly. High-end product is less, the company that has international level is not much also. But their exit amount is not large, it is to be publicized external on one hand insufficient, on the other hand these large facility had not obtained the credit of foreign user.

The country with production high level of foreign food package machine basically is the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and England. And German package machine is being designed, make reach the respect such as specifications to be on lead position. The 77 % of German package machine are exit. China is the main entrance country of German food treatment and package machine. Is the famousest Kelangsi company? KRONES? , sale achieved 2 billion euro 2002, china's well-known beer company has imported their equipment. Equipment of Germany of the last few years shows following characteristics: Flow automation rate is higher and higher; Improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce technological process cost, utmost ground satisfies manufacturing requirement; Get used to product change, what the design has had is flexible with flexibility; Whole set supplies capacity strong; After using the computer to emulate a technology, shortened greatly the design cycle of package machine and new product development cycle.
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