Chinese medicine packs course of study how to should achieve a breakthrough
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Chinese medicine packs course of study how to should achieve a breakthrough

As the flying development of industry of our country pharmacy, medicine packed course of study to obtain tremendous vivosphere. Catch up with international travels together pace, seize opportunity, establish accords with the packing concept of age requirement, already became native land medicines and chemical reagents to pack the urgent affairs of the industry.

Very as big as developed country difference

According to Shanghai medicines and chemical reagents Ji Wei of director of institute of the test that pack introduces, the typical feature that the extensive that uses up high rate, low benefit, high growth is the development of our country medicine that pack, the packing quality of product of domestic most medicine and developed country are put in bigger difference. Current, the medicine that our country has 65 % packs a product to return short of developed country 20 centuries the level of 80 time; Quality of the material that pack and the contribution that pack pair of medicine industries lead on the low side. In the developed country, medicine packs the 30 % that hold value of medicines and chemical reagents, and the scale of our country still is not worth 10 % . Among them, although be on equipment,the medicine with domestic larger scale packs an enterprise not as big as foreign difference, but be like person meaning very much however on software environment.

As we have learned, cause this kind of difference to basically have 3 reasons: It is level of whole of industry of our country pharmacy above all inferior, the technology of medical production company is opposite more backward. Measure of industry of our country pharmacy is much, but scope is little, repeat production serious, business management level is inferior. Next, it is medical product is given priority to for a long time with hospital sale, the drug that sells in drugstore holds the one share with very small gross only, enterprise nature is packing fluctuation very hard to enrage reform energetically, medicine is packed hold old face for a long time. The technical level that finally is equipment of medical package machine and material the backward, quality awareness from personnel of course of study is not strong, also restricting our country medicine to pack the development of course of study.

Must take link of the design that pack seriously

Medicine packs a design is an easy uncared-for link. According to Introduction Ji Wei, medicine packs a design to want to consider two factors, one is security, another is ethical character. The design of our country medicine that pack still exists many problems, if medical the name of an article says to be used non-standardly with lot number, the utility that medicines and chemical reagents tags and quality standard not conform to, term is used non-standard, medicines and chemical reagents is packed overly, wait without the manual, there is ethical characteristic on the design, as aesthetic as ethical cultivation and masses demand not conform to.
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