Mechanization production enters fermented bean curd to time
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Product of fermented bean curd will produce stride to mechanization by manual production. " yesterday, bureau of city science and technology tells a reporter about chief, a few days ago, promote limited company of food of salty go smoothly to apply for invite public bidding by carry on " dimensions of mechanization of fermented bean curd produces research " the project decides award, win the bid the development that project of system of biology of unit Zhejiang university and food academy of sciences will devote oneself to fermented bean curd to produce mechanical equipment together with this company, in order to realize the mechanization production of fermented bean curd.

As we have learned, the our city has fermented bean curd to produce business close a hunderd schools, annual produce is close 1 100 million. Among them, "Carry on promotes Xian Heng " annual produce of fermented bean curd amounts to 50 million yuan, hold the half of country of course of study of our city fermented bean curd. "But the fault of craft and equipment, became the bottleneck that restricts development of estate of current fermented bean curd, enlarge difficulty of scale of production not small. " the development prospect that Yu Longsheng of this company president produces to fermented bean curd worries very. October 2007, this company put forward " dimensions of mechanization of fermented bean curd produces research " application of project invite public bidding.

"Fermenting is the key of the fermented bean curd that make. " Xie Xiaoben of this company engineer tells a reporter, because at present our city fermented bean curd ferments,all ferment to open type solid body, not only the temperature and humidity inside the workshop is controlled hard, and what manual sparge have an inoculation often brings about gush to drench is inhomogenous, cause fermented bean curd to ferment face of yin and yang is more, affect the taste of fermented bean curd and exterior. Mechanization production will use high-pressured sparge have an inoculation, assure fermented bean curd 6 have an inoculation ferment. In addition, at present production of fermented bean curd is executed still bloat be soiled, bloat base bittern appeared the phenomenon with superstratum weak salty ground floor, mechanization production can realize trends to bloat be soiled, make bloat of base bittern salty degree achieve fluctuation even, character of fermented bean curd will be more stable.

According to introducing, "Dimensions of mechanization of fermented bean curd produces research " the project predicts to always throw 4 million yuan, among them finance throws 600 thousand yuan, project general 2009 the bottom is finished entirely.