Mechanical industry: Chinese advantage enlightens future
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Project machine appears on the market the can of expression of level of whole of one quarterly reports of the company says to shine beautiful, but to 08Q2 has an industry or appearing because of more strict constrictive adjusting control domestic sales volume is added fast put delay or drop compared to the same period of the circumstance anxious and the crossing of cost price case is fast rise those who continue to form appraise to be worth a level to cannot promote significantly is main.

Those who be based on the near future dog with research, our judgement is apparent more hopeful: (1) mechanical industry has the project to raise valence capacity continuously in fact, the pressure that cost rises too quickly will be in prospective 1~3 it is better that the month gets digest; (2) homebred project machine already had competition ability of abecedarian whole world, because this RMB appreciates,wait will impossible to make materiality impact to exporting growing trend, we value annual sturdily to export expression; (3) the project machine demand that comes from construction of industrial and mining enterprises, infrastructure still driving, estate is built install relevant demand to be expected to maintain moderate growth, unless appear remarkable more strict constrictive sex adjusting control.

Make clear to annals analysis of Katebile, persistent product carries valence to become the important contribution factor that profit grows from beginning to end. Add considering price of foreign rolled steel fast outclass home, we predict product of global project machine carries price range to make an appointment with more than 7 years the level of 2.2 % , because this is more remarkable,the sexual price of homebred project machine compares advantage general.

We used an unit to be worth a quantity from high price (unit price and self-prossessed ratio) those who be used at comparing product of different project machine to rise to cost is patient degree, the product has the project machine that the result makes clear magnitude of value is great normally stronger resist cost is fluctuant ability. Be based on this, we suggest invest in produces the company of equipment of large project machinery.

We press utility of land sell one's own things to be the demand cent of project machine 4 parts such as construction of industrial and mining enterprises to forecast respectively: The project machine demand that comes from construction of infrastructure of etc of investment of fixed assets of industrial and mining enterprises, road will still keep brisk, estate is built install the market to be expected to maintain moderate growth below current condition. The home market of project machine grows still but careful and hopeful.

Those who manage pair of industries " neuter " grade, proposal " avoid weigh gently, hold export " , heavy division of the couplet in recommending (love, prices, information) , Liu Gong (love, prices, information) , 31 heavy industry (love, prices, information) , hill pushs stock (love, prices, information) .
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