Competition of equipment of package machine of domestic plastic film will be int
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Suffer the effect that tide packs on international, company of production of domestic beer, beverage begins to be combined in the product plastic film packing is used in the process that pack, the paper box that replaces a tradition stage by stage is packed and box of plastic have enough to meet need.

Using the good point that plastic film packs is: The cost that pack is low; Can reduce effectively explode bottle of accident that injure a person; Can solve box of plastic have enough to meet need to be in current the contaminative issue that shell face puts internally in reaching caboodle to let off Cheng; Suitable scope is wide, if can be used at vitreous bottle, metal can and carton,wait for a product pack; And can give the new sense that consumer finds everything new and fresh.

Because have a lot of advantage, the market packs the demand of equipment to soar to plastic film, the plastic foreground that pack is very so hopeful. Through introducing foreign advanced technique, home already had include Guangdong light industrial and mechanical limited company of limited company, group of machinery of Guangdong light industry mixes 2 factories Nanjing Heng Hao machinist the development of more than 10 businesses such as limited company developed line of business plastic package machine, and sale momentum is powerful.

The expert inside course of study thinks, prospect of market of equipment of plastic film package machine is capacious, in can more enterprises will join this field henceforth, competition will be intense with each passing day. How to reflect ego advantage and characteristic, production enterprise should fluctuate in product quality not only time, the real need that never should be the same as industry and measurement company more sets out, development develops the device of different specifications and function.