Vegetables of 4 kinds of fruit machines the development direction of mechanical
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1, equipment of machinery of beverage treatment craft

Development asepsis fill installs a technology, should raise fill to hold a line particularly productivity; Raise the automation level of existing equipment, promotion personal computer dominates automation product line, maximum pressure of farther promotion application is antiseptic technology.

2, equipment of machinery of vegetable treatment craft

Raise the standardization of existing equipment, automation and mechanization level; Strengthen scientific research development, build national fruit vegetables to machine mechanical research center or base, build fruit vegetables processing technique and network of equipment news efforts.

3, filter detached mechanization equipment

Strengthen large filter the development of equipment works, raise automation level. Butterfly type centrifuge should to large change and automation way develops, in order to get used to the requirement of different stock. Those who improve facility is energy-saving fall a confusion of voices and detached effect, development is anti-corrosive, be able to bear or endure the mechanization equipment of corrupt caustic.

4, smash homogenizer tool equipment

Strengthen the research of crucial part, raise its wearability, be able to bear or endure corrupt sex and impact resistance; Strengthen the development of sealed material, raise its compression and high temperature resistant function, strengthen the promotion that exceeds small disintegrator.