Exit of our country mechanical equipment exceeds the standard that drive day to
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Japanese commerce revitalizes an orgnaization (JETRO) published a few days ago white book of edition trade investment made clear 2007, call Japanese " to look after the house all the time the forehead of mechanical equipment exit of acrobatics " is overtaken by China first, rank the whole world the 4th, china is consolidating ceaselessly the position of factory of its whole world.

Global total volume of trade is 118, 74.2 billion dollar, rise compared to the same period 15.4, successive 4 years with two digit in growth. Among them, forehead of mechanical equipment exit is 49, 26.6 billion dollar, those who take global trading business volume 4 into above. 9.9 what China holds global machinery equipment to export the specified number, rise compared to the same period 1.2, and Japan is occupied 9.1, drop compared to the same period 0.5. For a time afterwards United States illegallies or forcibly occupy the whole world the Japan of country of exit of the 2nd mechanical equipment, was overtaken rank the whole world by Germany 2001 the 3rd, was overtaken rank the 4th by China again 2006. Daily says, make Japanese rank is in already glide, but Chinese machinery exports the specified number 6 becoming above is the outstanding achievement that completes by the foreign capital enterprise such as Japan.

Additional, of Japan invest directly external for 50.2 billion dollar, achieve 16 years new tall. Direct to day investment achieves what come 17 years to shed favorable balance of trade to be flowed into too first, namely capital of 6.8 billion dollar is poured out of.