More than 1000 kinds of additive use standard of new standard of additive agent
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Beijing of China News Service on March 25 report (reporter Ceng Liming) national Ministry of Public Health is released formally today " additive agent for food uses wholesome level " , set 22 kinds, in all the use principle of 1812 kinds of additive agent for food and limits, in order to ensure public food safety.

What the dietary health that the development that aims to satisfy Chinese food industry and public grow ceaselessly needs and promulgate is new " additive agent for food uses wholesome level " , it is a basis edition standard edited 1996 and become, will carry out at will rising on June 1 this year.

Additive agent for food is to show to improve food character is mixed color, sweet, flavour, and for anticorrosive the chemistry in need and adding provision of craft with treatment compounds natural perhaps matter, material of agent of the foundation in including nutrient aggrandizement agent, food to use candy of flavor, glue radical, food is industrial processing aid.

Spokesman of news of Ministry of Public Health says, new castigatory standard absorbs the advanced achievement that drew lessons from the country such as international Codex Alimentarius Commission and United States, European Union, Canada, Australia, began additive agent for food to monitor zephyr danger to evaluate. New standard makes clear a regulation, additive agent for food should not produce any healthy harms to human body; Should not mask food putrefaction; The quality blemish in should not mask food itself or machining a process or with impure, adulterate, forge use for the purpose; Should not reduce the nutrient value of food itself; In achieve expectant result to fall to reduce the dosage in food as far as possible; Food is industrial before processing aid is making final finished product commonly eliminate.

Cent of additive agent for food of new bid brigadier is 22 kinds, among them additive 290 kinds, flavor 1528 kinds, processing aid 149 kinds, agent of foundation of glue Mu candy 55 kinds