The physiology function of soja yellow ketone reachs his to regard feed as the a
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Summary: The source that discussed soja yellow ketone, distributing, manage changes property to reach its inside animal body absorb with metabolization circumstance. The estrogen that elaborated it mainly and fight estrogen appearance action, hurried to grow action, fight oxidation, and adjust animal breed, raise airframe immunity force, right a variety of physiology functions such as internal system influence and its action mechanism. Preliminary the applied prospect that discussed soja yellow ketone to regard feed as additive.

Keyword: Soja yellow ketone; Manage changes character; Absorb with metabolization; Action mechanism; Feed additive

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Soja yellow ketone (l of o of e of z of D a i , d a ) belong to estrogen of plant of different yellow ketone, have weak estrogen appearance active, it is a kind of material that has important physiology active. Have stimulative animal to grow, enhance airframe immunity force to raise animal secrete breast, adjust animal breed, increase produce the physiology effect such as the egg. In addition, soja yellow ketone still has strong heart, fight anoxic with the function that controls tumour of sex hormone dependence to grow. Additive of feed of soja yellow ketone has dosage small, get effective fast, noxiousness is low advantage, can overcome antibiotic and the inadequacy that synthesize feed additive artificially effectively. soja yellow ketone can promote reapportion of the nutrient inside animal body as feed additive, raise protein synthesis efficiency, improve quality of style of cultivate birds ketone substantially. Accordingly, soja yellow ketone serves as the feed additive with new-style animal to will have wide applied perspective.

The origin of 1 soja yellow ketone, distributing, manage changes property to reach its the absorption inside airframe and metabolization

1 . The origin of 1 soja yellow ketone, distributing

Legume of consist in of natural soja yellow ketone, grazing (be like clover) , in the numerous feed such as cereal, fruit and vegetable or food. Plant of soja etc legume is the main source of soja yellow ketone.

Soja yellow ketone is much more phenolic apperception closes matter, form of its composition, existence basically has 3 kinds, dye wood yellow ketone (n of i of e of t of s of i of G e n ) , soya bean glucoside plain (n of i of e of t of i of c of G l y ) with soja Huang Su (n of i of e of z of d of D a i ) . Soja yellow ketone is soja grows a kind when form in the process secondary metabolization child. Mu Suge of soja yellow ketone and dye calls soja different yellow ketone (s of e of n of o of v of a of l of f of o of s of i of n of a of e of b of S o y ) . Soja different yellow ketone basically originates the cotyledon of soja seed and hypocotyl, the content in seed coat is less.
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