Additive of feed of Chinese herbal medicine makes the research of additive of eg
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Summary: Additive of feed of Chinese herbal medicine is added in feed of egg chicken total value " come loose lustily " , than contrasting group raise laying rate and economic benefits, reduce come on and mortality, reduce content of the cholesterol in the egg at the same time.

Keyword: Chinese herbal medicine; Additive; Egg chicken

Solve chemistry for effective ground kind additive remains in cultivate body and fleshy egg and the problem of poisonous side-effect, we are mixed according to oneself Shanxi folk's old practical experience, combine theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and positive result of modern scientific research, development went additive of feed of Chinese herbal medicine " come loose lustily " , aim to enhance disease-resistant immunity power of chicken, raise chicken to produce function and feed to change rate, produce high grade chicken product.

1 test data and method

1 . 1 test data

1 . 1 . 1 " come loose lustily " main by lotus of music of skin of filling bone fat, slender acanthopanax, Ai Xie, god, motherwort, drought

The composition such as pink of careless, malt, hawkthorn, pine needle, dried tangerine or orange peel. Smash afore-mentioned Chinese herbal medicine end, cross 60 eye sieve.

1 . 1 . 2 experiment animal: The Yi Sha Heshang of 140 day age tastes health 120 Yi Sha with 620 day age plants acting egg chicken chicken 1417.

1 . 1 . 3 feed: Egg chicken 3 total value formula feed.

1 . 2 experiment method

1 . 2. 1 the first phase experiments

Tasted the Yi Sha Heshang of 140 day age acting egg chicken on March 26, 2006 120 random cent is 4 groups, every groups 30. 1 , 2, 3 groups are group of experiment Ⅰ , Ⅱ , Ⅲ , respectively raise is fed add 0. Of 5 % , 1 % , 2 % " come loose lustily " feed. The 4th group to contrast A group, only raise feeds feed of 3 total value. 4 groups chicken all is half enclosed henhouse basket is raised, feed powdery makings 4 times everyday, freedom is collected feed, freedom waters, illumination time is everyday 16 hours, average temperature is 13  ̄ 24 ℃ , raise feeds 63 days, the healthy condition of each groups of chicken observes in experiment process, notes day collects appetite, produce an egg number, egg is heavy, feed wastage is calculated after the experiment ends, by raise day of computation chicken to produce egg number, laying rate and egg gross weight on average, and business accounting the economic benefits of 4 groups. Egg cholesterol content determines by Shanxi medical university.

1 . 2. 2 the 2nd phase experiments

At planting the Yi Sha of 620 day age on August 21, 2006 chicken is divided 1417 times randomly it is 2 groups, contrast 696 of B group, experiment Ⅳ group 721, in illumination, temperature, ventilated etc raise the situation with administrative same condition to fall, try 7 days beforehand, egg of the laying rate of two across block, incidence of a disease, makings examines than metabolic classics difference all not remarkable (P > 0. 5) . The 719 chicken raise that gave an experiment IV group on August 29, 2006 is fed add 0. Of 5 % " come loose lustily " egg chicken 3 feed, contrast B group raise feeds egg chicken 3 feed, raise feeds 32 days.
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