Rarefied asafoetida studies ion exchange law acerbitily
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Summary: This research uses the wheat bran of enzymatic preparation degradation of preparation of zymotechnics of black aspergillus solid, with enzymatic solution fluid is raw material, use colophony of D201# large hole to undertake detached extract to asafoetida acid, discussed on the impact of column craft condition and wash out condition to ion exchange, affirmatory the most comfortable ion exchange manipulates technology: Below room temperature, acerbity chroma of makings fluid asafoetida is in 2O0Omg/L ~ between 3000mg/L, PH value is 9. 0, column velocity of flow is Min of L Ml / on; Wash out agent deserves to compare (V/v) is anhydrous alcohol: Water: Hydrochloric acid =60: 36: 4, wash out velocity of flow is Min of 1 Ml / . In this operation _T- art condition falls, asafoetida acid closes rate amount to 97 % above, and rise greatly through purity of test and verify of law of layer layer analyse.

Asafoetida is acerbity (4- hydroxyl - 3- armour oxygen base cinnamonic acid, FA) is the acid of exists generally a kind of phenol in the plant, exist with free condition rarely in the plant, main with low get together candy, much amine, fat kind form combinative appearance with polysaccharide, it is one of active ingredient of the Chinese traditional medicine such as angelica, the rhizome of chuanxiong, asafoetida. It has a lot of health care functions, if keep clear of freedom radical, fight thrombus, fall the coronary heart disease of hematic fat, prevention and cure, diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, fight mutation and prevent cancer, enhance spermatozoon vigor to wait.

At present asafoetida acid is in the use of the domain such as medicine, food, cosmetic is more and more extensive. Asafoetida acid can be obtained through synthesizing law and alkaline solution. Chemical synthesis law grows because of reaction cycle and yield is low, restricted its to develop; Alkaline solution is the main avenue with commercial production at present acerbity asafoetida, but 1 what what use element of dimension of raw material cereal to take rice bran oil only. 5 % . 2. 8 % , because this crop suffers greatly,be restricted; Use for this ferment produce enzymatic come the research of preparation asafoetida acid is become in recent years research heat.

Foreign scholar produced asafoetida acerbity respect to have a large number of research in enzymatic law. Because asafoetida is acerbity the special place in structure of cellular wall polysaccharide, we use double enzymatic method (asafoetida acerbity ester is enzymatic get together with Arabia wood carbohydrase synergism polysaccharide of wall of 1 degradation afterbirth, get together in the Arabia timber that gets high yield still is obtained while asafoetida is acerbity candy. But enzymatic solution fluid is a complex mixture system, depart from which an asafoetida acerbity product is more difficult. Current, the extraction method of asafoetida acid basically is to use method of organic dissolvent extraction. Our basis asafoetida is acerbity " acerbity heavy alkaline dissolve " , Yi Rong Yu Chun kind the character that waits for organic dissolvent, choose anion to exchange colophony to undertake extracting to asafoetida acid. Because ion exchange law has product purity tall, specific power consumption is low, extraction process is not had change, the operation is simple, cost is low wait for an advantage, but this method still is put in a variety of influencing factor the blemish with the influence relatively ambiguous degree to exchanging a process. The author decided to study a target with fluid of degradation of wheat bran enzymatic law law of first-rate ion exchange extracts purificatory craft.
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