The research of green feed additive and application
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As the swift and violent development of feed industry and stock raising, the animal produce of our country already was from shortage change rank

Paragraph the gender is superfluous, people cares food more wholesome, consequently green consumption already made the development trend henceforth, together with our country already joined WTO, the produce requirement that the developed country exports to our country is stricter and stricter, because of hidden danger of safety of this broom feed, ensuring stock raising can develop continuously already was compatriots consensus. Our country because technical level is low, safe consciousness is thin, management strategy takes seriously not quite wait for a reason, problem of remain of the medicaments in causing feed becomes the our country flesh, egg, main obstacle that suckles door going abroad, how do one of problems that so the urgentest need solves stock raising of new century our country improve the quality of animal produce namely, reduce medical damage, reduce the medicaments dosage of use feed additive stage by stage, popularize green feed additive energetically.

The concept of additive of 1 green feed reachs classification

The definition of sex of feed additive green includes broad sense and narrow sense 2 respects: The green sex of additive of the feed on broad sense is to point to pair of cultivate birds not to have harm action, remain is not had in cultivate birds product, without the harm to human health action reachs cultivate birds fecal a kind of character to environmental free from contamination. The green additive of narrow sense is to point to pair of cultivate birds airframe not to have the additive that poisons action.

Can see from the definition, inchoate green additive belongs to narrow sense category more. Because of this paragraph of period, the national condition of our country is deciding us to increase amount of cultivate birds product, want not to have harm action to cultivate birds only, can popularize application energetically, and the control park backseat that remain additive mediumly in cultivate birds product and pollutes to the environment. The green feed additive since the near future belongs to broad sense category morely, ask the product does not have harm action to cultivate birds airframe not only, and remain is not had in cultivate birds product, do not have a harm to human body health; Cultivate birds is fecal to environmental free from contamination, this is the inevitable requirement that the mankind goes to to leap character by the quantity to cultivate birds product.

Green feed additive has relativity feature. The relativity of green feed additive is to point to the change because of the condition, and produced green and blame green, safety and special safety, prohibit falling with what allow. Accordingly, the green sex of feed feed additive is not absolutely and changeless, however relatively alterable. Decide whether is additive of some kind of feed green sex additive, the law that must accord with one country above all sets, want to combine the science and technology at that time, productivity to develop the particular case such as the level next, not be every absolutely the extraction content of natural content is safety, artificialize learns complex of dispute safety, 2 hydrogen pyridine belongs to chemical synthetic, still do not have basis authenticator it has harm effect to cultivate birds, mix without hangover in the product pair of environment free from contamination, accordingly, 2 hydrogen pyridine is used extensively already at production of cultivate birds feed in the developed country.
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