Acid of yellow corrupt of extraction of ion exchange law is optimal conditional
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Summary: The article uses law of ion exchange colophony and orthogonal experiment method, the extraction that corrupt acid fizzles out in facing Fen area weathered coal to Shanxi undertook study. Discover the grain size of the speed that ion exchange reacts and reaction raw material, reaction raw material and resinous scale, the scale of reaction raw material and water, the time of reaction and temperature are concerned. The extraction condition that through orthogonality trial law reacts to ion exchange undertakes optimizing, the selection went to extract the optimal condition of yellow corrupt acid: Weathered coal 80 eye, raw material and colophony scale 1: 2.5, the scale of raw material and water 1: 20, reaction temperature 65 ℃ , reaction time 120 minutes. Study acid of yellow to extraction corrupt has fair economic value further.

Keyword: Colophony of; of ion exchange of yellow corrupt acerbity;


Yellow corrupt acid is belonged to humic a kind of acerbity constituent, because have an element to estimate group of small, function much, active is big, easy dissolve wait for a characteristic at water, use extensively at the domain such as agriculture, pasturage, environmental protection, medicine. Because the weathered coal of different area is medium humic acid content is different, fizzle out among them corrupt acid is in commonly humic in acerbity raw material, content is little, and depart is more difficult also. The article uses method of ion exchange colophony, undertook study to facing the extraction that corrupt acid fizzles out in Fen area weathered coal, use orthogonal experiment method, undertook optimizing to reaction condition. Found out this kinds of raw material to collect the optimal means of yellow corrupt acid, obtained satisfactory result, have fair economic value.

1 experiment part

1. 1 raw material

Shanxi faces Fen area weathered coal, the collection of raw material, processing and analysis of yellow corrupt acid content use current method, about 2.5 % control the content of yellow corrupt acid, exist with configuration of salt of calcic magnesian metal.

1. 2 cation exchange colophony

For 60 purposes 732 model cation of department of strong acidity polystyrene exchanges colophony () of company of Shanghai chemical reagents, transition of rare hydrochloric acid is used before using, distillation bath comes neuter, airing, measure a commutative capacity.

1. 3 bate water

Load hydrogen cation colophony vitreous column, distilled water crosses column to make take.

1. 4 instruments

Move balance of light produced by electricity completely, boiler of bath of water of electric heat constant temperature, centrifugal, electric oven.

1. 5 experiments principle

The yellow corrupt in weathered coal is acerbity, basically exist with the metallic salt configuration of calcic magnesium. Law of ion exchange colophony is the metallic ion in replacing yellow corrupt acerbity salt with the H in colophony of acid ion exchange release yellow corrupt acid, because ion exchange colophony is mixed residual not dissolve at water, the yellow corrupt acerbity extraction that will generate with water comes out.
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