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Research Progress On Preparation Methods And Application On Animal Production Of Immunoglubin

Hu Xiaoyan Wang Chunwei

(Hubei Key Laboratory Of Animal Nutrition And Feed Science, wuhan Polytechnic University, hubei 430023)

Abstracts:IMmunoglobulin Is A Key Immuno Substances In Animal Body, which Plays Important Role In Modulating Animal Physiological Function. The Studies On It Has Become A Hotspot In Recent Years.The Paper Is Concerned Research Progress On The Extraction, Purification And Application Of Immunoglubin.

Keywords:iMmunoglobulin Extraction Purification Application

Immune globulin (Immunoglobulin, ig) is one kind has antibody active or chemical structure and the globulin with similar antibody, it is general in the blood of consist in animal, tissue fluid and exocrine fluid, among them the content in serum and colostrum is highest. The molecular amount of immune globulin is very large, be joined by the amino acid of 1000 above normally and become, its are basic the structure is weigh catenary identically by two (H catenary) with two identical small chain (L catenary) the symmetry structure that make, show " Y " word. Of basis antigen sex different, can be Ig cent kinds IgG, IgA, IgD, IgE, IgM5 is big commonly. Main effect is having with the Ig in physiology adjustment process in the immunity of the animal, it is one of material with the immune most crucial system inside animal body. Much research makes clear, ig is sickish to making Yuan Weisheng content and toxin have inhibition (Liao Ming, 1996) . Main show is its biology function to produce a variety of biology with cell of complement of union of corresponding antigen particularity, activation, union expression, deliver immune force to wait through placenta.

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