Feed additive formic acid synthesizes research and application calcicly
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Summary: The synthesis that the article reported formic acid is calcic and detect method, synthesize formic acid calcium for raw material with formic acid and milk of lime and formic acid and calcium carbonate, have technology simple, operation is convenient, close lead tall, purity advanced characteristic, introduced formic acid calcium to regard feed as the application of additive and effect.

Keyword: Formic acid calcium; Feed additive; Synthesis; Determine; Application

Formic acid calcic use is more extensive, regard feed as additive, the acidification chaste tree, mould inhibitor, lotion that fight bacterium is made in applying to feed of of all kinds animal, can replace acid of citric acid, rich horse to wait for feed acidification agent to use, can be reduced and adjust value of PH of gastric bowel path, promote what digest and pledge to nurture to absorb, have prevent function of ill, health care, be opposite especially young pig effect is more distinct. In addition, the plant that is bases with formic acid calcium grows efficiency of conditioning agent increase production is tall, it still can serve as briquet adhesive, lubricant to wait. Formic acid calcium is white crystallization or powder, not deliquescence, dissolve at water, not dissolve Yu Chun, avirulent, PH value is neuter, 400 ℃ are decomposed. This literary grace is raw material with formic acid and calcium carbonate, formic acid and milk of lime. Two kinds of craft synthesized formic acid calcium, raw material is easy, craft is simple, the operation is convenient, product quality is good, do not pollute an environment.

The synthesis of calcium of 1 formic acid

1. 1 calcium carbonate law

React equation is:

H2O of ↑ of CaCO3 2HCOOH=Ca (HCOO)2 CO2

The formic acid of certain pH indicator of certain amount is added in reaction pool, below agitate slowly join calcium carbonate solid body, reaction is severe undertake, emit a large number of carbon dioxide and heat, formic acid and calcium carbonate cast makings quantity to be compared by quality 1. 1: 1. 0 undertake. Value of PH of adjustment of milk of lime is joined to be 7 ~ when reaction ends basically 8, and heat preservation 1 ~ 2h, join sulfide precipitant next, after ion of the heavy metal in solution amounts to mark, filter, filtrate condenses crystallization, centrifugal and detached, dry, get a product namely. Mother liquor is used circularly.

The main condition of reaction: The concentration control of ① formic acid is controlled in 50 % with benefit the success at reaction, density is too low a specific power consumption is tall, raise manufacturing cost. Because ② reacts acuteness exothermic, produce a large number of carbon dioxide, the formic acid in reaction has partial loss, formic acid should a little excessive; At the same time calcium carbonate powder should be thrown group by group, enter behavior appropriate smoothly in order to react, react fluid spills over in case reaction pool, reduce the loss of formic acid, reaction temperature is maintained control in 90 ℃ . The dosage of formic acid and calcium carbonate relatively beautiful is cast makings, maerbi is 2. 4: 1. 0 or quality comparing is 1. 1: 1. 0. ③ reacts terminal PH is worth control to be in 7 ~ 8, join sulfide precipitant, make precipitation of heavy metal ion complete. It is advisable that the dry temperature of ④ product is controlled with 8O ℃ , temperature is too low dry rate is slow, exorbitant product is easy decompose.
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