"Double second acerbity natrium " manufacture new technology
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One, overview

Double second acerbity natrium fights bacterium mould inhibitor for efficient, wide chart, have stronger inhibition to yellow aspergillus especially, OK and efficient restrain a variety of 10 mould element and of a variety of bacteria cause and spread, can use at alimental already anticorrosive last, what also can be used at feed is mouldproof reach increase nutrient value, enhance dainty sex. Double second acerbity natrium is synthesized the earliest 1921, what American CABLEEF used at biscuit above all 1941 is mouldproof; What 70 time abroad begins to be used at cereal, corn and feed is mouldproof last, the effect is apparent; Was tasted by American medicine 1982 food management board (FDA) approbate, passed GRAS (think commonly safe) qualification. Current, food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with World Health Organization (WHO) the mould inhibitor that all approves Shuang Yi acerbity natrium to serve as food, commissariat, feed. Double second acerbity natrium is the additive agent for food that the sectional approval such as our country Ministry of Public Health uses adds variety newly, in last few years home studies development is more active, production is being popularized with application.

Double second acerbity natrium: Xu ⑽ takes SDA of 鸖 OdiumHydrogenDiacetate abbreviation, CH3COONaCH3COOH•XH2O of chemical structural formula or NaH (CH3CO2)2, anhydrous content element is measured 142.09, white crystallization body, acetic acid odour, easy moisture absorption, easy dissolve Yu Shuihe is mellow, crystal structure is regular hexahedron, the side is long 15.98 dust, c of ° of melting point 96~97, heat to be decomposed to above of 150 ° C, it is afterwards third acerbity salt kind with rich horse acid kind later the new breed of feed mould inhibitor that development is developed and uses.

2, main use

1. Commissariat of commissariat mould inhibitor is in the loss in keep in storage, current process, the in part is caused by metamorphism of mildew and rot. Double second acerbity natrium can be used at the mould inhibitor of all commissariat, can make its keep in storage period extend 4 months. Via the silage that waits to rice, wheat, earthnut, legume mouldproof experiment, double second acerbity natrium can restrain mould to grow apparently, have mouldproof last, the function with dainty good sex. Normally cereal needs dry to water content 19 % are the following square but keep in storage, the cereal that is 21.5 % to water content adds 0.1 % ~ after acerbity natrium of 0.8 % Shuang Yi, its storage life can be lengthened by 90 days to 200 days of above, do not need dry, the save labour when the province. (Analyse mainstream capital real purpose, discovery is optimal gain profit opportunity! Discovery is optimal gain profit opportunity!!

2. Wait expects mould inhibitor of mould inhibitor feed develops emerge as the times require as feed line of business, demand year after year rises. The feed that did not add mould inhibitor falls in high humidity condition especially, very fast generation mildew changes, make feed nutrition composition is destroyed, use value to be reduced greatly. In the meantime, mildew changes the toxin of generation still can change human body from birds cultivate, affect human body health. Of double second acerbity natrium mouldproof mechanism is to reduce moisture activity, make bacterium system protein metamorphic, through changing cellular configuration and structure, achieve the goal that makes bacterium body deprivation of body fluids dies, rise thereby mouldproof action. This tasting is joined in feed 0.1 ~ 1.5% , the mildew that can restrain feed effectively changes, make period of keep in storage lengthens 3 months above. Can enhance birds cultivate at the same time the dainty sex to feed, raise the utilization rate of thick albumen in feed, the yield of the lean lean rate that raises the yield of milk cow to suckle rate of quantity, butterfat, pig and sow fetal rate.
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