Production of additive of feed of ferment bacterium pig and use
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Production of additive of feed of ferment bacterium pig is simple, use convenient, weightening finish of the pig after using is fast, right diarrhoea of prevention and cure and reduce stink of excrement and urine to have distinct effect. 500 villages promotion uses Tianjin since additive of feed of ferment bacterium pig, better land solved the problem such as pig diarrhoea, be bred door reputably. Be as follows its production and use technology introduction now:

1 . Recipe zeolite pink or shale 300 kilogram, rice bran or bran 350 kilogram, bacterium is branny 350 kilogram, brown sugar 3. 5 kilogram, bone dust 8 kilogram, fish meal 15 kilogram, ferment bacterium bacterium is planted 12 kilogram, water consumption occupies the 35 % of 25 %  ̄ of raw material gross.

2. Produce alternative of ① raw material. The bran that chooses cleanness to change without mildew, bacterium is branny wait for raw material, bacterium is branny etc should process pulverous account. ② mixes makings. rice bran, bacterium branny wait for raw material and ferment bacterium bacterium to plant mix is even, turn brown sugar with boiled water, wait for thermal drop to arrive under 30 ℃ , spray again rice bran, bacterium is branny on the mixture that plants with ferment bacterium bacterium, agitate of edge gush edge, agitate of water of last in season. The attention must have mastered the quantity that add water and mix is even. ③ caboodle is made ferment. the compound nature that has mixed accumulation becomes hill model, do not pat do not step, the gunny-bag that uses clean after caboodle is good piece enclothe, with benefit heat preservation, protect wet reach because sunshine is point-blank,prevent and cause ultraviolet ray to kill beneficial bacterium. ④ searchs crowd. After fermenting material temperature achieves 40 ℃ above or course 24 hours, undertake searching crowd for the first time, turn over caboodle 1 everyday later second, turn over 2 ~ 3 times repeatedly, turn over caboodle to want complete, break Ke La into pieces, from the top down, from in after be being moved to evaginate, again new nature has piled up, build good gunny-bag piece. ⑤ stores up. Ferment after the end, can go up in cement floor ferment air of nature of makings lay open (avoid sunshine to insolate) , also

But microtherm drying. Ferment content water content is commonly under 13 % , but bagging keep in storage.

3. Use additive of feed of ferment bacterium pig is added in fundamental feed after mix is even, can feed feed, add a quantity to be 4 %  ̄ 5 % , namely feed of foundation of every 100 kilogram adds additive of feed of ferment bacterium pig 5 kilogram of 4  ̄ . The attention does not add antibiotic or antibacterial thing in feed, lest the influence uses the effect.

4. If note ① produces an amount less, hop-pocket can be loaded after mix of will all compound is even (norms is 60  ̄ 80  ̄ of 70 centimeters of × 90 centimeters) in, after fermenting material temperature achieves 40 ℃ above or course 24 hours, have first time dumping of mail bag, search crowd namely, ferment the pocket mediumly makings is all teem, after rapid agitate take a breath, again instantly in sack, prevent to come loose hot, later everyday 1 of dumping of mail bag second, fall 3 times repeatedly. Ferment end, applicable. It is facilitating keep in storage, finished product should lay open air. If ② ferments acid appears in the process sweet odour or wine fragrance, the specification ferments successful, can end; Once appear ammoniac flavour or corrupt odour, the specification ferments excessive, production fails, this wholesale ferment makings cannot regard feed as additive application, avoid occurrence problem.
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