Taiyuan: the market is red hot pepper, add hot additives Hong Wang
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After the winter, people get together and all the children ran to the hot pot, but pot at the end of these materials are safe, the provincial capital of wholesale food markets, there is no disclosure of the hot-line additive? 19 morning, the reporter green vegetable farmers in the surrounding Xiaodian Trade Center, Blue Ocean agricultural wholesale markets, fresh market visits million Jihai found that as much as several businesses in the blatant sale of "red pepper", "Capsicum," "pot Tim Hong King "and other hot additives. 10 pm, the reporter walked into the Blue Ocean understanding of agricultural and sideline products wholesale markets and found no pot additives. Xiaodian green vegetables in the trading center for farmers around the entrance of the first spices shop, the reporter found a "red pepper." This 1 liter of "chili red" on the back, prominently marked with the natural plant additives, and the words extracted from fresh peppers fibers, but no dosage instructions and QS logo. For the usage and dosage, the boss ambiguous to say: "The key to see how much your pot, pot can make this thing become bright colors, people have the appetite for a look, you'll have to see when you do the pot, as long as a good color on the line. " Then, after a reporter asked, at another shop found a condiment Austrian license its force, "Tian Xiang Wang pot" in the white bottle, brand, name and address, instructions, QS signs, everything. Boss told reporters that the "seasoning" The recent sell fine, hot pot restaurants have come up, she suggested that journalists do not if it is bought from the home, if the shop took the bottle to try. Market entrance in the thousand Jihai fresh Sichuan spices, a Hong Kong firm jaw, when the reporter mentioned that to buy a color to the sauce pot, the waiter took the same time enriched the capsaicin, the spicy red pepper growing, there is a bucket of fine pepper. A hot pot restaurants in operation for many years owner said Xu, the use of additives has become a trade secret, and some diners like to eat spicy hot, some like light, whether hot taste, the key to stock. And brewed a pot of soup costs Shanghao very large, but through the "chili red" and "pot Tian Xiang Wang," "flavoring paste," a pot of boiling water can be quickly modulated into lamb flavor, beef flavor, and so color, smell, and taste the pot. At the same time, Xu said the boss, the more normal cooking pot proudly more fragrant, and was served on scented pot, may be added flavoring agent. He suggested that the best point when you eat hot pot soup pot clean flavor, if you like eating spicy seasonings can be small. Taiyuan Bureau of Quality Supervision Inspection Branch staff said, the country has not yet issued clear of food additives, test whether there are negative effects, there is little negative effect, there is no clear answer, they just reported for the masses, for those who "three no" significant deterioration products as well as side effects or the existence of threats to human health food in the investigation.