Heating hot water heating company to spend additives steal fewer and fewer peopl
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Residents of the home heating to warm, can be very conscious of individual units or individuals in the enjoyment of the same time, unauthorized access to hot water heating pipes in the feet, washing, flushing the toilet, etc., to the heating caused no small company loss. In order to prevent theft of water, heating companies frequent moves, add the garlic to the hot water, stains, odor agents ... ... Colored flavored water can prevent theft A cold day, draining the radiator valve, put some hot water out and feet, washing, flushing the toilet, may sound very good. Can be lost if the water is so, for the heating company, but a heavy burden. Therefore, it is helpless under the heating company can only make moves to deal with, put in hot water and some additives, such as allicin, stains, odor agents, to prevent someone stole water use. "Now we all add something to prevent stealing inside the water, no way, or else, the loss is too great." Kim opened a thermal head surnamed Li told reporters that his company generally add to the hot water Allicin, to prevent some people do not consciously steal water use. To his knowledge, in addition to add the garlic, the other of the heating company will add red dye or odor agent, "a taste of the best, because the residents take water certainly does not drink, they can wash clothes, flush the toilet with With the taste Xunde uncomfortable in order to prevent their water. " "Our main added a hot water softener, this chemical is mainly used to soften water and oxygen, can reduce the number of substances on the corrosion of heating pipe, heating system maintenance easy." Castle Heat a large company official said that the water itself is not harmful to the body, but not suitable for washing and bathing. Water with additives is difficult to monitor for stealing Because they added some hot water smells great material, resulting in relatively large residents complained. For this problem, heating company said, which is forced resignation, it is not a solution. "We are indeed very difficult, in the end Tim does not add, and we are entangled." Gold open Mr Lee said the head of heat in itself is very expensive additives, such as allicin price of 50 kg in one or two thousand dollars, the So now insist added, because of lack of supervision, if you do not give the company added an even greater loss. "At that time, we counted an account, a ton of cold water into a hot water heating, territory to residents of the home, the cost of 30 yuan. And if letting people freely with water, a heating amount of the loss is very large . "Lee said, the most vexing is that this phenomenon and very difficult to control," household survey, the residents can not let you home, and even let you in, they pick up the water intake facilities , and will not leave evidence. " "Such as the smell of garlic added to the larger additives, one can smell great and give residents water because the other hand, if residents use the water will leave the smell, the preservation of evidence." Lee said, the Government Notwithstanding the provisions of the company but Gongre no enforcement power, even if found, can not be forced to stop, we can only rely on Fangru some additives to control. Stealing water users now greatly reduced That heating the water company out of the anti-theft tactic work? "Some worked, some did not work, but in general people who steal water with a lot less." Mr. Lee said that now people all know that the heating pipes in the water is not suitable for bathing and laundry, plus the quality of the residents are now more and more, are less likely to steal water use. "However, the role of individual cell is not great, some residents may mop Take hot water, flush the toilet, which is no way." Reporter then interviewed several other heating company, they said the loss is really water is less and less. "Now people steal water for a few, we all know that water can not be used, say few people willing to share this cheap." Castle Mou large heating company officials said, For now, the amount of reducing the number of loss , has no specific statistics. "We give more than 20 million households heating, leaks, pipe breakage and other losses may have resulted in concrete by the number of bad statistics, but the loss is due mainly to steal the user a lot less water now." 9 pm, the reporter consulted the city heat transfer machine Liu secretary office. He told reporters, Qingdao City in 1997, 2005, on three occasions in 2007 to revise and improve the "heat of Qingdao City Ordinance", the unauthorized emissions, access to steam and hot water heating pipe network units or individuals, the heat management department shall order rectification, impose a five thousand yuan on the unit above two million fine; of individuals sentenced to a fine of one thousand yuan.