"Meat tenderizer powder" type additives have not been approved by excessive con
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Reporter learned yesterday from the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, in order to ensure the food safety of meat, meat production and quality supervision departments will carry out strict inspection and processing enterprises to avoid the "meat tenderizer powder" and the abuse of food additives, to cause harm to the health of consumers . It is understood that appearing on the market meat tenderizer powder, Roucui Ling, meat tenderizer crystal, loose meat, preserved agent products, although the taste of meat products can not meet tender and tough, taste delicious results, but contain a certain proportion of nitrite, excessive consumption can cause food poisoning. "Meat tenderizer powder" had no access to food additives approved by the Ministry of Health has not included in the national standards for food additives and the Ministry of Health-related announcement, "food additives health standards" are not allowed to use in meat production and processing have "features tender "additives. Quality supervision department of law enforcement officers will be based on "food additive substances on the strengthening of supervision of the notice" requirements, check the meat product usage of food additives to enhance the production of food and food additives permit the management of issuing the approval, if found to Abuse "meat tenderizer powder", according to the law severely punished, "12365" hotline to 24-hour quality supervision of consumer complaints and reports.