Integration and operation simplification develop tendency into package machine
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According to investigation, package machine demand of the whole world predicts will with annual the rate of 5.3% rises, will reach 29 billion dollar this year. The United States is the business of the biggest production of the equipment that pack on the world, it is Japan next, business of other and main production still includes Germany, Italy and China. But 2005, growth of production of the equipment that pack is the rapiddest is to be in developing country and area, the developed country will gain profit from inside exciting home demand, search place's proper manufacturer home to have investment in the developing country, supply package machine equipment.

Market of French France package machine stabilizes growth with the rate of 4%~5% since 1998, it is Europe at present market of the 3rd old package machine. Industry of French package machine is main by medium or small the company composition that specializations highly. French market has a feature at present, be opposite namely agile, general the inflexible demand with automation is bigger and bigger. Entrance product of France comes from an European Union for the most part, the product that comes from the United States and Japan also holds larger proportion. French package machine basically is exported to European Union country, at the same time the United States is one of markets of blame European Union with French main package machine.

The market size of Russia Russia package machine is annual 5 billion dollar comes 7 billion dollar, among them the manufacturer of Russia has 20% only, and these manufacturer basically are produced semi-automatic the equipment that turn, still satisfy Russia to pack the integral demand of the industry at present without ability. Germany, Italy and Sweden are main equipment entrance country. 2002~2004 year in sale of package machine market most potential domain is line of business of food industry, beverage industry, pharmacy and individual nurse course of study. Most the potential equipment that pack asks to have the high quality, stuff that pack the characteristic such as general applicability and secondary value. The industry of American United States that pack starts at 20 centuries initial stage, form complete and independent industry system quickly, gross value of industrial output holds national economy total production value 3% . The package machine that American current foreground values is: The control of personal computer of horizontal pillow type, package machine that deserves to have the power control equipment with servo electric machinery and filmy good tension. Henceforth, robot of microelectronics, computer, industry, intelligence, image passes feeling technology and new material to wait to be able to receive wider and wider application in package machine lieutenant general, make package machine incline to automation, efficient change, energy-saving change directional development. Package machine of area of Taiwan of Chinese Taiwan area develops more than 30 years, in it is oriented economic structure in order to export to fall, package machine industry grows quickly, the demand increase sharply of automation equipment. In recent years industrial transition, course of study person constant change manages configuration, improve considerably on technology of food package machine, future counts the demand of all sorts of year of package machine to will grow quickly. Taiwan shares package machine manufacturer many 200, distributing mostly in in upper zone, specified number of great majority capital under 50 million new station money, dimensions is the medium and small businesses under 30 people more. As a result of course of study person scale of production passes generally small, undertake financing raises very hard, technical reformation and absorbing ability. Of technology, talent defective bring about crucial component to depend on foreign manufacturer for a long time, the product pledges the quantity promotes hard, because of this Taiwan area each model mechanical entrance is in in the near future inside still need an import. The market research of Sullivan says in the report, to 2007, the market total value of European package machine predicts will come by the growth of 4.6 billion dollar 2000 6.5 billion dollar, market potential is tremendous. The industry that the system that pack does not use on those traditions will become the new client of package machine market. This findings report still points out, purchased detached type only in the past the small-sized manufacturer of package machine also will convert gradually integral type packs product line, become the potential user of this kinds of product consequently, it is so in package machine market of future, of this kind of package machine have rate general to show ascendant trend. On the other hand, OEM manufacturer and ultimate consumer buy trend the operation simple and easy and the package machine with easy installation, especially current manufacturing industry cuts down the member of persons employed in great quantities, time limit asks to increase, the demand to simple and easy operating system will grow day and day
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