Demand of world package machine year add fast will amount to 4%
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Freedonia of American information company is forecasted, in in the near future in the demand of world package machine will with annual the rate of 4% rises, this one trend will last to 2008

Package machine Manufacturers Association (PMMI) forecast, the sale of American package machine will grow 7% this year. Freedonia company thinks, stick mark will continue to maintain its to add with the equipment that make a yard fast the position of the fastest product, what the code sticking label that new emerge in large numbers gives and client ask to tracking ability is ceaseless rise, stick stimulation mark and the sale of the equipment that make a yard. PMMI thinks, medical industry is become probably the market field with the largest amount is bought in respect of the equipment that pack, after close therewith is beverage nurses with the individual industry.

Package machine sells another element that grows continuously is automation to upgrade, what the automation equipment that upgrades ceaselessly is investing new machine is decision-making in removed crucial catalysis.