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The contemporary food technology that pack is food production, current the child with consumption, it and modern food shed a condition and sale market is corresponding development. Current, contemporary food packs development total trend is automation, mechanization and environmental protection. The corporeal foundation that contemporary food packs development is the material that pack. At present paper, plastic, metal and glass remain food to pack the leading role of material; Green packs material to will have larger development space.

The development trend that contemporary food packs, the progress that packs with food and beverage is most apparent:

Those who carry provision is the quality that protects food, fresh. Accordingly, pursuit lasts faultlessly the principal target that the function already became food to pack. The development that asepsis packs, the demand that reduces refrigerating equipment. More and more units are engaged in asepsis packing equipment, material, craft, yuan the development of parts of an apparatus and production. Below the premise that assure and improves the quality that pack, through improving the performance of the material that pack, reduce the cost that pack, but cannot seek material price one-sidedly absolutely reduce. Flexible the material that pack to excellent progress. Come nearly 10 years, our country flexographic plate is packed pressworked to already had great progress. But in presswork elegant, gorgeous, thick wait for a respect to still remain to improve, make a presswork desirable get better visual result. To facilitate lay aside carries, pack light-duty change will get developing further. With weight lesser flexible pack the batch can that reach model, plastic bottle to replace glass and metallic container, can reduce freight substantially. The traditional fiber such as cellophane and translucent paper packages data character, have the tendency that is washed out. What replace cellophane completely the most likely is polypropylene book film. Artistic quality of the contemporary food requirement that pack and practical height are unified, food is packed display towards convenient " , choose, the way that carry and uses " and " vitrification, visualize and environmental protection to change " to already adornment sex has artistic quality again develops. The stand or fall that contemporary food packs affects a sale directly. Although contemporary food packs the immanent quality that cannot represent provision, but pack goodly can assure food quality, lengthen food goods shelves period. As food industry substantially grow, be like beer, grow 16.8% 5 years, grow 51% than 2000 to 2015, accordingly, the packing data such as the equipment of coal tub furnish of beer, bottle, canister and bucket should raise accordingly. Go to the lavatory next food, development rate is quite rapid, potential demand is big, its breed winter is planted diversiform, it is new-style undoubtedly to the demand that pack, the biggest. Have the change that different character asks to packing as different provision, the ceaseless development of the material that pack and package machine, food and contemporary food pack the diversification of form and requirement, can expect, will appear more and more contemporary food pack new technology and new method.
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