Our country food and space of development of market of package machine industry
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The strategic height that the State Council of the Party Central Committee develops from our country economy development food industry, begin energetically farming by-product deep treatment and solve " 3 farming " problem marriage rises. 2004, large quantities of one produce process a product, especially butcher and flesh kind convenient food, vegetable fruit processes oil of vegetable of product of treatment product, aquatic product treatment, edible, staple food the crop such as product, breast and dairy produce all has rise considerably. The high speed growth of food industry drove the growth of food and package machine directly. Food industry fixed assets completed investment 2004 121.3 billion yuan, grow 27.77% compared to the same period. Among them the enterprise is occupied from the fund that plans investment 74.46% . But, food and level of package machine whole still are general on the low side, food equipment manufacturing industry allows to weigh and the path is far.

According to the industry " 915 " of the program forecast, amount of home market demand will achieve 85 billion yuan 2005, domestic company total sales should be 62 billion yuan, 2004 need to grow 11% to be able to be achieved only on 55.8 billion yuan foundation. Look from 2004, entrance forehead growth is not big, so the market 2005 owns homebred facility frank meeting rises. Forecast domestic industry total sales can achieve 130 billion yuan 2010, market demand can achieve 200 billion yuan. Consider new technology, new technology is ceaseless on international emerge in large numbers, according to rate of production value of industry new product was the actual condition of 9.84% 2004, to 2010 our country exceeds the import 70 billion yuan food and package machine.

Face the market that has development latent capacity extremely to some of enterprise blames the market however bad, demand not flourishing, actual it is we have however very big a market is imported equipment is occupational. Close paragraph of time, enterprise of foreign person of the same trade takes aim the look to our country, seek all sorts of opportunities actively to develop our country market. Actually abroad has company of home of a lot of equipment to also be in production, but foreign business thinks the quality of their equipment is better, more responsible, they have confidence to share together " cake " . Intense international competition and huge domestic demand ask we must develop new technology, new technology, introduce and use new facility to provide the product of high quality and excellent service to the market, otherwise we can anxiously ground looks at the market to be reaved by others. "915 " during, farming the key that by-product treatment facilities will be industry development, because the State Council is affirmatory already " 3 farming " regard longer henceforth job as the key. And a when solve a farmer to become rich important way is farming of by-product resource use integratedly, treatment, appreciation of on the spot, this offerred new market and development opportunity for food and package machine. The food with the exuberant demand on the market and bag furnish equipment basically have: Amylaceous treatment is mechanical, include wheat, rice, beans, corn to do a law to reach wet the corn of treatment, potato kind starch reachs his to use device integratedly, "915 " during market demand will exceed 50 billion yuan. Fruit, vegetable treatment and use device integratedly, if will machine a quantity to rise 10% , namely year treatment achieves 55 million tons, need 250 to increase year of process capability to be 200 thousand tons product line about, the market will achieve 15 billion yuan to the demand of equipment. The flesh kind machine equipment, like pulp kind treatment scale is achieved 20% , increase labour to measure 6 million tons completely namely, need about 400 to add product line, the market increases demand to amount to 8 billion yuan. Beer industry already hasten is stable, grow every year in 5% the left and right sides, 5 years net increment is controlled for 7.5 million tons, demand of the its beer production and fill outfit, equipment that pack will exceed 40 billion yuan. "15 " during the growth that beverage consumes is faster, achieve annual 20% - 30% , but before be being met likely strong hind weak, average amplitude still can exceed 10% , add 10 million tons of above completely namely, outfit of its water treatment, fill and bag furnish equipment need 10 billion yuan about. Aquatic product machines equipment, "915 " during aquatic product will be reached to deep treatment use directional development integratedly, if press,increase the deep treatment capacity of 10% to be 4.7 million tons, need 20 billion yuan to raise installation cost about. Milkings machinery is an entrance for the most part at present, especially 95% above are dairy packaging machine entrance, imported nearly 1000 product line in all, market of the data that pack also is all of one suit relies on abroad to supply almost. "915 " during homebred equipment will enter the market stage by stage, treatment is packed reach machine of the material that pack but of occupational home increment 30% - 40% , can increase year of sale to make an appointment with 6 billion yuan. Legume machines machinery, rising to use capacity integratedly again, extract all sorts of microelement to reach all sorts of protein, annual of equipment add demand to will exceed 3 billion yuan completely.
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