The similarities and differences of package machine of domestic and internationa
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Chinese food and package machine form an industry only 20 years, the foundation is relatively fragile, technology and scientific research power are insufficient, its develop opposite lag, going up somehow pulled food and the hind leg of the industry that pack. Forecast 2010, domestic industry total production value can achieve 130 billion yuan (present price) , and market demand may achieve 200 billion yuan. How can as soon as possible catch up with and gripping this huge market is us the problem that urgent need solves

Package machine of our country food starts at last centuries 70 time end, annual produce has 7789 yuan only, product breed is only 100 a variety of. Come nearly 5 years food and package machine industry are annual with 11% ~ the average growth rate of 12% develops, economy of countryman of prep above the corresponding period increases rate, sale amount increases 30 billion yuan of 2000 by 15 billion yuan of 1994, product breed goes to 3700 kinds of 2000 by 270 kinds of development 1994.  

On product level new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, begin occurrence dimensions to change, whole set is changed, the trend of automation, the equipment with high content of complex, technology begins drive appear. The mechanical production that can say our country already satisfied basic requirement of home, begin to be exported to southeast Asia and country of the third world, like our country the amount of imports and exports 2000 is 2.737 billion dollar, export the forehead to be 1.29 billion dollar among them, rose than 1999 22.2% . In the mechanical breed that exporting with food (milkings, cake, flesh kind, fruit) treatment opportunity, oven, enclose, compound canister produces aluminium of model of labelling machine, paper the mechanical exit such as equipment is more, food machinery if the equipment such as machine of outfit of fill of food of refine sugar, brew, beverage, liquid already began whole set exit.  

The hair of world food package machine develops form  

Still the consumer package with respect to food, the packing technique with the the most commonly used, mainest nowadays has two kinds big, fill up namely with wrap a package. Fill up the method applies to all stock and of all kinds container almost. Specific tell, body of better to fluidity liquid, pink, medicinal powder bead body, basically rely on oneself gravity, if,need complementary with particular mechanical function the achievable process that pack. And the sheet with stronger to stickiness semifluid or larger bodily form, combine, ask to use corresponding extruding, push, pick up put etc mandatory measure. As to the method that wrap a package however with this somewhat difference, it basically applies to an appearance neat, enough rigid holds out a gender, and the requirement packs the sheet that gets closer fact or combination, multi-purpose and flexible plastic reach its composite material () of some add light qualitative tray, scaleboard, action of machinery of have the aid of undertakes wrapping a package.
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