Innovation of force of filament of white home pink leads healthy and convenient
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In development of Chengdu economy technology, have a Bai Jialu, headquarters of limited company of food of Sichuan white home and the largest production base are located in here. White home food still is in guest of appropriate of Chengdu lukewarm river, Sichuan and Beijing close Yun Jianyou produces treatment base. Chief of white home food says, predict the end of the year is returned this year product line of vermicelli made from bean starch of on two pure yam, pure yam vermicelli made from bean starch is produced can raise 3 million, production value 500 million yuan.

According to introducing, at the beginning of limited company of white home food holds water, dig the culture inside information with plain solid food deep, accede plain dish and plain flavour name are fastfood the marrow of characteristic gust, research and development goes out have full-bodied the yam of plain flavour characteristic is convenient vermicelli made from bean starch. As the development of the company, apply contemporary biology technology and food to machine new technology, update raw material breed, improve treatment technology, the industrialization that realized traditional product, dimensions is changed, automation production, let cate of tradition plain flavour get be deductioned newly.

Limited company of food of Sichuan white home carries a plain dish industrialization old standard, devote oneself to to dig deep plain dish culture, accede and develop plain dish and plain flavour name the marrow of fastfood feature gust, conformity plain dish and plain flavour name are fastfood the resource that waits for each respects in raw material, craft, talent, product, market, grind above all gave out red flavour pig's large intestines, acerbity hot pink, hemp hot iron the yam that waits to have local color of Sichuan place characteristic extremely convenient vermicelli made from bean starch. On product gust, red flavour pig's large intestines is convenient trustily of vermicelli made from bean starch acceded Sichuan double shed Bai Jiazhen traditional name is fastfood " pink of pig's large intestines " gust connotation, but not constrained expect at the tradition is used fastfoodly and make technology, bold innovation, use new material, new technology, pass improved gust carrier -- the character of yam vermicelli made from bean starch, make both organic union, bring out the best in each other, gust is more rich and generous and full, aftertaste is long. Realized traditional product gust to accede with innovation adj and unified. Acerbity hot pink, hemp is hot ironing is in traditional and fastfood meal " acerbity hot pink " zephyr flavour " small chaffy dish " what the methodological research and development that accede and innovates comes out is pass on the foundation.

Convenient vermicelli made from bean starch has white home an outstanding characteristic, it is true plain dish gust, hemp hot delicacy is sweet, flavour is full-bodied. Tradition plain dish is to use fry in shallow oil, fry, boil, stew, boil wait for cook gimmick to make and become, and industrialized production lacks these technology, cannot achieve good cuisine.
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