Convenient cover is brunt health master net of the first season 65.1 million dol
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Health master quarterly reports shows, turnover increases first quarter 44% reach 969 million dollar, go to the lavatory among them the face took 525 million dollar, soar compared to the same period 49.40% . Although go to the lavatory first quarter,the palm oil of main raw material of the face rose compared to the same period 67.08% , but the convenient side that because he was rolled out in home,health master shows the price is higher, adjust product combination, whole of convenient cover product is had rate for 48% . It is reported, the interest rate of convenient cover wool of health master is in of high inflation still achieve first quarter 27.08% , increase compared to the same period more than 2% . Nevertheless, health master expects, hair change appoint wait for a product to convenient cover temporarily solid date of departure of price interpose measure may be as long as a year, because this attune price is stretch not big. To the eyebrow mountain factory with Sichuan earth stricken be hit by a natural adversity epicenter, health master states this mill-owner force is to produce cheap and convenient range, anticipate to production can resume after a week.